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When a Chiropractor Cracks your Back What Happens?

Chiropractic care often involves manually manipulating the joints of the spine, causing a popping or cracking sound and feeling. When done properly by a qualified chiropractor, ‘back cracking’ as it’s commonly called, can bring immediate relief to the patient. So what exactly happens when a chiropractor cracks your back — and can you get the same benefits by doing it yourself?

What Happens When a Chiropractor Cracks Your back

Let’s look at why a chiropractor would crack a patient’s back in the first place. There are two theories behind spinal manipulation:

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How Chiropractic Helps Migraines

If you suffer from migraines or know someone who does, you know just how disabling a migraine can be. Not only are the symptoms of an active migraine attack painful and often accompanied by nausea and vomiting, pre- and post-migraine phases are also unpleasant. The entire attack can last up to three days, and many migraine patients have multiple episodes each month.

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What Does a Sports Chiropractor Do?

If you’re a serious athlete, whether professional or amateur, considering chiropractic care, choosing a sports chiropractor is a smart decision. The field of chiropractic sports medicine is a specialization of traditional chiropractic care focused on the unique needs of athletes with an emphasis on treating and preventing musculoskeletal injuries. Sports chiropractors bring extensive sports knowledge to their practices and understand the desire for peak performance, accelerated recovery, and the avoidance of unnecessary medications and invasive treatments.

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