Sports Therapy

Providing physical therapy to athletes requires more than expertise in physical therapy; it also requires a deep understanding of the sports lifestyle, sports training, and your individual goals. Whether you have a recent injury to work on, are preparing to return to sports, or need preventative sports therapy, our sports therapy treatments tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Recovering from Injuries

Our one-on-one sports therapy approach is personalized to your unique circumstances in consultation with your referring physician and our onsite chiropractors. Depending on the nature and extent of the injury, your therapy may include therapeutic exercises, home exercise programs, and manual techniques. Our licensed physical therapists work with you to help you recover from your injuries in an expedient and safe manner.

Return to Sport Therapy

As an athlete recovering from an injury, there will come a time when you need to begin preparing to return to your sport. This type of sports therapy, known as a return to play therapy, is specific to the sport you play and guided by a sports therapist over a period of time. Think of return to sports therapy as a transitional program that helps you condition your body and the injured site for the rigors of the game.

This rehab program also has preventative and performance enhancement elements to it. For example, movement patterns and imbalances are assessed by our sports therapists. If improper technique or imbalances are detected, they can be corrected, resulting in fewer injuries including repetitive motion injuries, rotator cuff injuries, and overuse injuries and potential improvements in endurance, power, and agility.

Injury Prevention Sports Therapy

We’d rather prevent injuries than treat them, which is why we offer several injury-specific prevention routines. For example, it is possible to prevent many ACL injuries prevention by incorporating a series of warm up exercises and movements into your routine that increases blood flow, lengthen soft tissue, improve flexibility, help you to avoid vulnerable positions, and stimulate the appropriate muscles.

Here at PRX Sports Care, we are almost as passionate about sports as you are. We are ATHLETES TREATING ATHLETES. We know you want to get back on the field, and we’ll help you to do that with our rehab and preventative sports therapy.

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