Sports Performance

Performance Rx Sports Care brings focused, functional and performance results through sports science, technology, and medical services to all athletes of varying abilities. With extensive knowledge in athletic biomechanics (how an athlete moves in sport), performance nutrition (what you eat to perform optimally), sports medicine (injury prevention and injury rehabilitation), sport physiology (how athletes adapt to training), philosophy of sport (conceptual analysis of sporting activities), and strength and conditioning (exercise prescription in training to improve strength, power and aerobic conditioning). By using revolutionary performance methods and cutting-edge training techniques, we are second to no in affording athletic development resources to the surrounding community.

The way we developed our sports performance training program is thru extensive research and understanding of athletes in various settings and time frames in their season. Training for a sport varies greatly from pre-season, in a season, peak season, tapering, post season and off-season. We have emphasized and integrated sport specific movements in strength training, plyometrics, core, and flexibility training to improve your power output and performance in any sports. Pertaining to each sport and what phase of in season or out of season training the athlete is in, we may recommend 2 to 4 training sessions per weeks.

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