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Sports Nutrition

We are unlike any Sports Chiropractic facility in the Tustin area. If your primary goal is to become a well-balanced individual or well-rounded athlete, proficient in all components of fitness – strength, flexibility, endurance, speed, agility, power and coordination then we have the setting that can provide you with the tools you will need to accomplish your goals. We will educate you on how to eat well. Proper nutrition provides athletes and individuals with necessary nutrients for health and development. Other benefits include building and restoring muscle tissue as well as utilizing and restoring energy needed to train, compete, provide mental focus, and concentration.

A customized and organized nutrition plan tailored to a person’s specific needs can help cut the risk of injuries and illness. Also, it will help maximize training adaptations thus helping the person reach his or her goals. We concentrate on the scientific foundations for performance enhancing nutrition and health practices, while providing recommendations that will help individuals apply the science of nutrition to real-life.


Supplementing can provide various advantages in the realm of sports. Pertaining to supplements utilized in training pre-competition or post-competition, supplements may provide the advantage of increased power output, strength increases, endurance increases, strength-endurance increases, increased or decreased heart rate, focus, improved recovery and many others. With such outlandish marketing in the supplement industry, claims that their supplements give your super human abilities are false.

Often what occurs is companies use cheap supplements with inflated prices; inferior chemical forms so they are not absorbed well by the gut. The body will not use them to their full potential. They add fillers to cut cost on giving the proper dosage of the very ingredient that gives these advantages they advertise. They often use “proprietary blend” which shows the ingredients, but you never know how much of what is in their product. So you may see the active, ingredient but it may only be an eighth of what you actually need to reap the benefits of the working supplement.

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