Why see a car accident chiropractor?

Many people don’t think to see a chiropractor after an accident. Most go straight to an attorney. But the truth is, most attorneys will send you to a chiropractor after an auto accident! This is because chiropractic care by a sports chiropractor or car accident chiropractor is the best way to recover from many injuries.

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Reasons to Visit a Sports Chiropractor

What is a sports chiropractor? A sports chiropractor is a highly trained and knowledgeable provider of chiropractic medicine. Sports chiropractors have advanced expertise in both the prevention and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries. They also have advanced training in the use of musculoskeletal imaging studies as well as expert-level knowledge in sport-specific strength and conditioning techniques

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running stretches

7 Key Stretches for Running and Walking

Why are stretches for running and walking important? Working is hard work. We go from our beds to sitting at the breakfast table to sitting in traffic, only to get up and sit some more at work. People all over the United States work hard, and working athletes work even harder. They train after their

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Facet Joint Pain: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatments

With the exception of the top vertebra, every spinal bone in your body has a facet. When people suffer a car accident or sports injury to the neck, these facet joints can become inflamed, immobile and painful. This post will discuss anatomy and some non-surgical ways to fix facet pain syndrome.

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How to Cure Back Pain

Introduction Muscle Inhibition Techniques Foam Roll Tennis Ball Muscle Lengthening Techniques Lunge Stretch Abductor Stretch Seated Hip Stretch Muscle Activation Techniques Functional Dynamic Strength How Can a Chiropractor Fix My Back Pain? Introduction In the musculoskeletal system, we have two types of muscle groups, gross or prime movers, and fine or supportive movers. When prime

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