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running stretches

7 Key Stretches for Running and Walking

First, why are stretches for running and walking important? Having a work life is hard. We go from bed to sitting at the breakfast table, to sitting in traffic only to get up and sit some more at the workplace. People all over the united states work hard, and working athletes work even harder. They train after their work day is over, and sometimes before the work day starts. From a simple athletic perspective, it is important to combat all the chronic sitting with proper stretches to stay loose and prepare for training.

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What Does a Sports Chiropractor Do?

If you’re a serious athlete, whether professional or amateur, considering chiropractic care, choosing a sports chiropractor is a smart decision. The field of chiropractic sports medicine is a specialization of traditional chiropractic care focused on the unique needs of athletes with an emphasis on treating and preventing musculoskeletal injuries. Sports chiropractors bring extensive sports knowledge to their practices and understand the desire for peak performance, accelerated recovery, and the avoidance of unnecessary medications and invasive treatments.

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