Active Release Therapy

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Active Release Therapy, or Active Release Technique (ART), is a patented soft tissue technique used to treat soft tissue disorders. Treatment includes shin splints, tennis elbow, knee problems, shoulder pain, back pain, and repetitive use injuries, in athletes. Though some have compared ART to massage, this technique is far from passive and completely unique. The patient involves, moving the muscles of the affected area through a range of motion while the chiropractor performs the active release technique.

Soft tissue therapies are an important tool for any chiropractor treating elite athletes, particularly when musculoskeletal injuries and rehabilitation occur. We are ART certified and offer Active Release Therapy as one of our many treatment options. Whether caused by repetitive motion, overuse, poor posture, bad ergonomics, or injury, Active Release Therapy may be an appropriate treatment option. Schedule a consultation today to find out if ART is the right choice for your needs.

What is Active Release Therapy?

ART is a hands-on approach, both diagnostically and in practice. After determining the suitability and planning your treatment, the practitioner will guide you through therapy. Expect to be involved in the movement as coordination with the ART protocols works together to release adhesions. Expect each session to last between 15 to 30 minutes, with a series of visits scheduled. The duration of your treatment will vary based on the extent of the injury and other factors.

ART Treatment Options

ART treats conditions affecting the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. The desired outcome is to reduce fibrous adhesions and restore proper motion between the muscles and fascia. This technique uses movement to apply tension to scar tissue. The ART practitioner examines and identifies the exact area of muscle and tissue to ensure that they follow the appropriate ART protocol (there are more than 500 protocols for treating different areas of the body).

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