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5 Ways You Can Benefit from Chiropractic Care

Many people turn to chiropractic care as a last resort while others believe it’s a treatment for back and neck pain. While chiropractic care is indeed an effective treatment for back and neck pain, its benefits extend far beyond pain relief. Chiropractors tend to treat the whole person, providing care that addresses everything from pain relief to disease prevention and general wellness. During your course of treatment, you may discover that your chiropractor is an excellent resource for nutrition, diet, exercise, and wellness counseling. The benefits of chiropractic care are numerous; here are five of them.

1. Effective Pain Relief and Treatment for Back Pain, Headaches, and Other Ailments

Patients suffering from back and neck pain turn to chiropractic care for good reason: it works! Numerous studies back this up. For example, an older 52-week study published in the British Medical Journal in 2003, found that chiropractic adjustments led to a faster recovery than other studied methods (physiotherapy and general practitioner care) — and a significantly lower cost of about one-third of the other treatments.

Another study showed chiropractic patients reported high satisfaction rates and greater improvement compared to those treated by general practitioners. 56 percent of chiropractic patients said their low-back pain was better or much better compared to 13 percent of traditional medical patients. Almost one-third of traditional patients said their lower back pain was worse or much worse.

Chiropractic isn’t just for back pain. It’s also an effective treatment for frozen shoulders, elbow pain, headaches and other ailments. A clinical trial involving 50 patients being treated for a frozen shoulder under chiropractic care resulted in 16 completely resolved cases, 25 cases with an improvement ranging from 75 to 90 percent, and 8 cases of at least 50 percent. Only one patient out of 50 had a less than 50 percent improvement.

2. Improved Athletic Performance

Professional and amateur athletes alike can benefit from chiropractic care, and not just for treatment of their injuries. Some of the performance-enhancing benefits of chiropractic care include:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Enhanced pulmonary function
  • Reduced inflammatory cytokines
  • Relief from muscle tension
  • Decreased mental and oxidative stress
  • Improved immune system
  • Increased range of motion
  • Faster healing
  • Fixed asymmetries
  • Improved mobility and flexibility
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Less downtime

Note that even if you are not an active athlete, you can still experience many of these same benefits from chiropractic care.

3. Effective Alternative to Potentially Addictive Painkillers

No one wants to suffer through pain, whether after an injury or due to a chronic condition. Modern painkillers are effective at masking pain, but with the potentially serious consequences. Opioid painkillers, for example, are highly addictive and widely prescribed. Prescriptions for these drugs have skyrocketed from about 76 million in 1991 to 207 million as of 2013. These drugs are intrinsically addictive and challenging to recover from should you inadvertently become addicted.

Chiropractic care offers an effective, drug-free approach that can both relieve your pain and help you to avoid using pharmaceutical painkillers with unpleasant side effects and the potential for addiction.

4. Promotes a Healthier Pregnancy

If you’re a woman of childbearing age, chiropractic care can play an important role before, during, and after your pregnancy. It can help with fertility and wellness before you conceive, treat potential pregnancy-related conditions such as pelvic changes and an increased back curve. By helping to maintain your pelvic alignment, chiropractic care can help ensure sufficient room in the womb as well as promote the best positioning of the baby prior to birth.

Other potential benefits you may experience during your pregnancy include:

  • Less nausea
  • A healthier pregnancy overall
  • Relief from back, neck and joint pain
  • Faster labor and delivery
  • Lower risk for cesarean delivery

5. Improved Overall Health and Wellness

Chiropractic care can lead to improved health and wellness overall. For example, a procedure that realigns the Atlas vertebra has been shown to significantly lower high blood pressure. In a placebo-controlled study, patients who underwent this procedure experienced an average 14mm Hg greater drop in systolic blood pressure and an average 8mm Hg greater drop in diastolic blood pressure than those who did not. These patients continued to have significantly lower blood pressure than the others a full eight weeks after undergoing the painless chiropractic procedure.

Meanwhile, other studies have shown an overall increase in bodily function (such as bowel regularity) and mental clarity.

Gentle and effective, chiropractic care helps to ensure overall health and wellness by focusing on maintaining a healthy musculoskeletal and nervous system. Whether you have pain, soreness, headaches, an injury, poor posture, or simply a desire to improve your health, pregnancy, or athletic performance, consider consulting with a chiropractor.




  1. As a very long time sufferer of lower back pain from a car collission,
    I appreciate your post. Unfortunately, lots
    of people today do not get it until they go through it.
    I have tweeted a connect to your blog and bookmarked
    the site.

    Thanks once again for your quality short article.

  2. It really helped when you talked about the benefits of getting your back pain treated by a chiropractor. I have been dealing with some really bad back pain between my shoulder blades and then down into my lower back, off and on, and am considering the best way to treat it. Thank you for the information on how chiropractic patients have a higher percentage of improvement with their back pain than those who see a regular practitioner.

  3. My mom has been plagued by a back pain that was keeping her from performing her duties as a mother and as a worker for a while now. I told her that I will try to help her figure out a way to treat it, but every single thing we tried didn’t work on her. That’s why it was good that I came across this article and read about the chiropractic care. According to you, in comparison to those who take medicine, chiropractic patients reported higher satisfaction and greater improvement from their back pains. I guess it’s worth suggesting that to my mom. Thank you.

    1. Yes Chiropractic therapy can provide a solution, and is one tool I may utilize in addressing any different forms of pain. And you are welcome, glad it was beneficial.

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